The Mahdi is prophesied to have the same name as the Prophet of Islam – Muhammad. The Báb had two given names, “Ali” and “Muhammad”, and this is evidenced by the following narrative:

Among its precepts was the emphatic injunction of the Báb to every loyal believer to add the following words to the traditional formula of the adhán: “I bear witness that He whose name is ‘Ali-Qabl-i-Muhammad is the servant of the Baqíyyatu’lláh.” (The Dawn-Breakers, p. 144)

Note that “’Ali-Qabl-i-Muhammad” means “Ali before Muhammad”, that is, His name, “’Ali”, appears before His other name, “Muhammad”. Even though it is written and pronounced as one, it is in fact two given names.

Some critics argue that Ali Muhammad is not the same as Muhammad and therefore, the Báb did not fulfill this prophecy. These individuals incorrectly regard Ali Muhammad as a single name. I’ll elucidate with the following analogy: If you require me to have A and I have A and B, not AB, then I meet the requirement.